Angel Drones

We help cities become more resilient against the challenges brought by the 21st century using robotics and data analysis.

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Our accurate data leads to smarter decisions by reducing


Our technology is able to map entire neighborhoods in less than 24 hours, creating high resolution three-dimensional data in almost real time.


200 times cheaper than optical satellites, 10 times cheaper than manned aerial vehicles, 30 times more productive than visual inspection and traditional surveying technologies.


Fully automated flights completely indepent from qualified pilots; possibility to fly into the zones where it would be dangerous for humans.

How it works

Cheaper, faster, safer and smarter

Gathering big data: our data hunters

Using high resolution cameras, high precision GPSs, drones and sensors, we collect a huge amount of data from different perspectives, angles and heights

Data processing: transforming data into useful information

Using cutting edge photogrammetry, computer vision and computational geometry algorithms we tranform data into precious information

Intelligence: transforming data into insights

Working with bulding information modeling, geographic information system, digital image processing techniques and machine learning, we provide crucial decision support for smart decisions in order to save time, money and even lives

Better information, smarter decisions: saving money

"Economy has frequently nothing whatever to do with the amount of money being spent, but with the wisdom used in spending it" (Henry Ford) Spend money only where it is indispensable. It is wisdom.

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Angel Drones - helping cities become more resilient against the challenges brought by the 21st century.

#Nova Friburgo200Years Project - a partnership Brazil-Switzerland